Just enjoy this.

Not even 5 minutes. Less than that to have a look at something so familiar, & experience it in a new way. Enjoy, relax a little.  Sound, music, colour; all made from frozen water. Just enjoy, a small moment of enjoyment & wonder.

May we all find moments of peace & wonder everyday. May we all realize the preciousness of everyday things. May we all have equal , sustainable, access to clean, plentiful water. May we appreciate and honor all the gifts and living things of this world, and all of our sisters and brothers upon it. May we all be wise, compassionate, well, and at peace.


WordPress vs Blogger

What to do? What to do? Everywhere I turn, I hear more experienced bloggers singing the praises of WordPress- dot org, that is, mainly. As a happy shiny newbie (& complete non-techie!) I started off using Blogger in July, and managed to make using it a struggle even though it’s meant to be easy-peasy! After much ranting & begging, I mostly got the hang of it, but then I heard the siren call of ” come to WordPress, WordPress; it’s so wonderful!” Hmmmm…so here I am, I’ve tried it…and I don’t think I like it. Yes, I know it’s the .com & not the .org, but I didn’t want to pay for something that would be difficult for me to set up & that I’d not be able to easily customise. I want to be able to tweek my colour scheme in tune with the seasons or topics written about – girly, perhaps, but I am a colour fanatic!  And, oh god, I do need something for idiot bloggers because somehow, even tho’ I’ve inserted pictures before, this time I can’t seem to write below the photo & the text is all up here.… I’m sure it is something simple- but what?? You see how hard it would be for me to try to do something that needed any computer skills! I still need a bit of instruction; anyone have a 10-year-old they could lend?

Part of my dilemma is that I’ve just made my old Blogger blog all lovely & purple: http://joyousflowers.blogspot.com/ and even tho’ I’ve tried just about all the free WP themes on this site, they just aren’t colour happy enough! And I can’t seem to add a few of the plug-ins that I’d like- the Blog Action Day or the Christmas (yes, I’m an overgrown child) Countdown. So- what to do, what to do?? I had better make a choice, and stick to it, if I want to have any followers at all one day!  So- any comments on the  pros & cons of WordPress.com vs Blogger are VERY welcome!

Whew!  And I’ve still got to figure out where I’ll set up the business blog (again, must be easy & free!) for the Blooming Brilliant Garden Centre!


Finding Mexico & Africa in Dublin! good food and books

What €7 meal is worth a 2 hour car trip? A tasty & inexpensive Mexican one at Boojum, ( we are Mexican food lovers & were quite happy to find this place!)

boojum tasty lunch deal!

especially when combined with-HOORAY!- a several hour shop in Chapters bookstore! I didn’t take a photo of my 3 yummy vegetarian soft tacos (rice, and/or  black and/or pinto beans) with choice of cheeses, guacamole, sour cream, mild to very hot salsa, & more. (I went for the pico on the salsa front.) But I DID take a photo of my fabulous used book finds!

Well, 2 of them- Congo Journey by Redmond O’Hanlon & Facing the Congo by Jeffery Taylor– I got a few weeks ago, but I wanted to group them all together & roll in them they way movie folks do with cash after they’ve robbed a bank or whatnot.

For only €47, I got 7 books, most of them hardback. That’s kinda nice, because I usually donate my books to our little local library after I’m done, & hardbacks will be sturdier. (Our library’s book buying fund got badly hit by the recession) On another library note, inter-library book requesting  is brilliant, & a great way to get a hold of books not on the local shelf.

Anyway, I went whole hog for books on Africa. One of the ones I got was by Facing the Congo’s Jeffery Taylor: The Lost Kingdoms of Africa. This book got a 4 star rating at Amazon, & his other a 5, so I’m quite looking forward to them. I also got some books in which the travelers carry on despite what seem to be quite limiting physical factors. A Sense of the World is the true story of a man traveling from the beginning of the 1800s (excerpt from the book’s jacket:) ”known simply as the Blind Traveler—a solitary, sightless adventurer who fought the slave trade in Africa, survived a frozen captivity in Siberia, hunted rogue elephants in Ceylon and helped chart the Australian outback.” Click the book title above to go to the author’s site & find out more. I also got Far Horizons, written by Frank Gardner, who was paralyzed from the waist down when he was shot 6 times in Riyadh. He did not let that stop his adventurous spirit, & is still travelling to & reporting from rather extreme places!

None of these books were the ones I actually hoped to find- I was looking for Blood River by Tim Butcher, and perhaps his new one Chasing the Devil. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get those on inter-library loan, though. There’s a review of Chasing here, & if you click the Blood River title, you’ll find a review from Catherine, who also met him after he read a mixed review she wrote!

So now, this

ahh, reading in bed!

will be me for the next while- even lazier than an armchair traveler!

rescue dog Petal is getting stronger & gaining weight!

 Petal is nearly 6kg now!

Petal is nearly 6kg now!

The lovely, gentle, Petal is with us just over 3 weeks now, and she is really doing well. She’s put on about 2kg- that’s 50% of her original body weight when found! Here’s a photo of poor thin Petal, below. (She’s not really keen on the camera, as you can see from her expression!)

Petal when found- about 4kg 😦

You can read the first post about her here, and a 2nd snippet here. Her hip is not bothering her, and the horrible abscess she had healed up well with lots of cleaning (by our other dog Pinenut- we nearly had to put a big head collar/satellite dish on HIM as well as on her in order to control excessive licking,) & antibiotics. Now, God love her, she’s in heat! I wonder if  it may have been the returning health/weight gain that may have brought that on. Our other 2 are fixed, so a female in heat is new to us. She would like Pinenut to be her man, but he’s not really up to the job 😉 Spaying is certainly on the cards for her after this is over.

Pinenut is not so interested in girls!


She loves going for a stroll, but even in places when we can let the others loose to run, we now have to keep her on lead like this- no puppies are wanted! We want her to fatten up, but not that way!    Note: if you are in the south Kilkenny area & would like to adopt a pet, check out the Inistioge Puppy Rescue–  we got our wonderful Rottweiler, Jessie, there.

‘The Room’ reading/ Blogger’s Book Club note

Just a  quick note that Emma Donoghue will be reading from ROOM at Trinity College, 1pm Sat 9th October: bookings to dublinpubliclibraries@dublincity.ie

The Blogger’s Book Club will be reading her book for November.

Town of Books & Michaelmas Festival

The Town of Books is on this weekend in Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, along with the traditional music festival. After looking forward to this all year, wouldn’t you know it, both my husband & I are too unwell to go enjoy them! I did manage to sniffle along to a few book stalls in the drizzle of yesterday afternoon & found 2 Michael Connelly mysteries for my (considerably sicker than me,) better half.  Today (Sunday) I’ve got to work, so will miss Micheal Kelly of Grow It Yourself Ireland speaking at 3pm. The plan was to send The Hubby to listen & report back, so if anyone reading this went- let me know what you thought!

Next weekend is another favorite- the Michaelmas Festival ( their website is quite good, with interesting history & photos as well as the current events listing & such.) Last year we really enjoyed  the lovely weather, beautiful breeds of farmyard animals & old fashioned farming items & skills on display, and some VERY tasty duck pie & steak & Guinness pie from one of the stands. There’s lots more on offer, too, & we bought this lovely pitcher from a stall featuring local New Ross potters Lavery Pottery.

Not to forget the tasty pint or two on offer from the local pubs!

We didn’t win in the duck race (payback for eating a relative?) but it was great fun to watch, especially when the swans crashed the party!

I recommend this charming festival, & we’ll be taking our immune booster to be sure we don’t miss it!


our new dog Petal is doing well!

Here’s Petal on the far right, waiting while doggie dinners are being prepped. She started out at 4kg when we found her, & now she is closing in on 5. The vet says we should aim for about 8. She’s a quick learner; watching our other dogs & picking up that the canine toilet is outdoors only,  and that begging while human alpha male & female are eating is not allowed. Petal learned even more quickly that snuggling on the couch & sleeping in the bed with us IS allowed! 🙂 Our little family feels complete again!

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