rescue dog Petal is getting stronger & gaining weight!

 Petal is nearly 6kg now!

Petal is nearly 6kg now!

The lovely, gentle, Petal is with us just over 3 weeks now, and she is really doing well. She’s put on about 2kg- that’s 50% of her original body weight when found! Here’s a photo of poor thin Petal, below. (She’s not really keen on the camera, as you can see from her expression!)

Petal when found- about 4kg 😦

You can read the first post about her here, and a 2nd snippet here. Her hip is not bothering her, and the horrible abscess she had healed up well with lots of cleaning (by our other dog Pinenut- we nearly had to put a big head collar/satellite dish on HIM as well as on her in order to control excessive licking,) & antibiotics. Now, God love her, she’s in heat! I wonder if  it may have been the returning health/weight gain that may have brought that on. Our other 2 are fixed, so a female in heat is new to us. She would like Pinenut to be her man, but he’s not really up to the job 😉 Spaying is certainly on the cards for her after this is over.

Pinenut is not so interested in girls!


She loves going for a stroll, but even in places when we can let the others loose to run, we now have to keep her on lead like this- no puppies are wanted! We want her to fatten up, but not that way!    Note: if you are in the south Kilkenny area & would like to adopt a pet, check out the Inistioge Puppy Rescue–  we got our wonderful Rottweiler, Jessie, there.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. magnumlady
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 19:44:52

    Well done Petal and to you as well.
    She is such a lovely dog.


  2. Catherine Rotte-Murray
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 21:49:00

    Lovely dog – you’re great to give her a good home, what terrible things people do to dogs sometimes. Hope this message doesn’t end up in the spam filter! Also I replied to your comment on typos over at my typo post.I joined your Facebook garden centre page too! (Can’t remember are you on facebook yourself? must add you!)
    All the best, Catherine.


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