rescue dog Petal is getting stronger & gaining weight!

 Petal is nearly 6kg now!

Petal is nearly 6kg now!

The lovely, gentle, Petal is with us just over 3 weeks now, and she is really doing well. She’s put on about 2kg- that’s 50% of her original body weight when found! Here’s a photo of poor thin Petal, below. (She’s not really keen on the camera, as you can see from her expression!)

Petal when found- about 4kg 😦

You can read the first post about her here, and a 2nd snippet here. Her hip is not bothering her, and the horrible abscess she had healed up well with lots of cleaning (by our other dog Pinenut- we nearly had to put a big head collar/satellite dish on HIM as well as on her in order to control excessive licking,) & antibiotics. Now, God love her, she’s in heat! I wonder if  it may have been the returning health/weight gain that may have brought that on. Our other 2 are fixed, so a female in heat is new to us. She would like Pinenut to be her man, but he’s not really up to the job 😉 Spaying is certainly on the cards for her after this is over.

Pinenut is not so interested in girls!


She loves going for a stroll, but even in places when we can let the others loose to run, we now have to keep her on lead like this- no puppies are wanted! We want her to fatten up, but not that way!    Note: if you are in the south Kilkenny area & would like to adopt a pet, check out the Inistioge Puppy Rescue–  we got our wonderful Rottweiler, Jessie, there.