WordPress vs Blogger

What to do? What to do? Everywhere I turn, I hear more experienced bloggers singing the praises of WordPress- dot org, that is, mainly. As a happy shiny newbie (& complete non-techie!) I started off using Blogger in July, and managed to make using it a struggle even though it’s meant to be easy-peasy! After much ranting & begging, I mostly got the hang of it, but then I heard the siren call of ” come to WordPress, WordPress; it’s so wonderful!” Hmmmm…so here I am, I’ve tried it…and I don’t think I like it. Yes, I know it’s the .com & not the .org, but I didn’t want to pay for something that would be difficult for me to set up & that I’d not be able to easily customise. I want to be able to tweek my colour scheme in tune with the seasons or topics written about – girly, perhaps, but I am a colour fanatic!  And, oh god, I do need something for idiot bloggers because somehow, even tho’ I’ve inserted pictures before, this time I can’t seem to write below the photo & the text is all up here.… I’m sure it is something simple- but what?? You see how hard it would be for me to try to do something that needed any computer skills! I still need a bit of instruction; anyone have a 10-year-old they could lend?

Part of my dilemma is that I’ve just made my old Blogger blog all lovely & purple: http://joyousflowers.blogspot.com/ and even tho’ I’ve tried just about all the free WP themes on this site, they just aren’t colour happy enough! And I can’t seem to add a few of the plug-ins that I’d like- the Blog Action Day or the Christmas (yes, I’m an overgrown child) Countdown. So- what to do, what to do?? I had better make a choice, and stick to it, if I want to have any followers at all one day!  So- any comments on the  pros & cons of WordPress.com vs Blogger are VERY welcome!

Whew!  And I’ve still got to figure out where I’ll set up the business blog (again, must be easy & free!) for the Blooming Brilliant Garden Centre!