Just enjoy this.

Not even 5 minutes. Less than that to have a look at something so familiar, & experience it in a new way. Enjoy, relax a little.  Sound, music, colour; all made from frozen water. Just enjoy, a small moment of enjoyment & wonder.

May we all find moments of peace & wonder everyday. May we all realize the preciousness of everyday things. May we all have equal , sustainable, access to clean, plentiful water. May we appreciate and honor all the gifts and living things of this world, and all of our sisters and brothers upon it. May we all be wise, compassionate, well, and at peace.


beside the Barrow in New Ross~ flowers & festivals!

Beautiful flowers for the beautifully sunny day along the Barrow in New Ross. Who says approaching the Septembers of life need be bittersweet~ look at all the joyful colours! (my link didn’t work! but click on the garden center link  & then from there click on the post called September Beauties) My local New Ross garden centre was abundant with butterflies, hoverflies & bumblebees today, all buzzing their merry way about the place.  And in a few weeks time, all of Ross will be buzzing with festivals! One, running from 23rd -26th September is billed as New Ross’s own ’boutique festival’ ~ the New Ross Piano Festival. Before that, though, the Celtic River Festival will be taking place on the weekend of 11-12 September with lots of boating events, street events &  more great music with Kila and Altan, amongst others. (They also have a Facebook page.)  I’ve seen them both play live before, and they’re worth the trip if you’re a bit father away. We’re looking forward to a (celtic) Indian Summer!