Petal- a starving stray dog no longer!


Here is the lovely little Petal; found by The Hubby as she was running around scavenging for food by the N7 a few days ago. She is skin & bone, & has a hairline fracture of one hip & a slight hip dysplasia on the other, but she is a loving, friendly, trusting little girl. She is about 3 yrs old, looks like a Parson Jack Russell mixed with a King Charles. We love her.

Hubby took her to the local vet to check her for a microchip & get her looked over. He registered her as found with the local vet & the ISPCA, (as well as calling to the local houses- tho ‘ if she was owned by someone there and let to run & starve like that, they don’t deserve a pet!)  I’ve checked local and national lost & found websites, but she is not listed as lost. If she was, she’d have been lost a while to be in the extremely thin state she’s in now, so I checked to over 6 months back. That was heartbreaking- so many pets lost or stolen; most not resolved.

If she is someone’s genuinely lost pet, of course we will return her, but as you can imagine, we love her & want very much to keep her. About a month ago , our very 1st dog, Shep, died. We, and our other 2 dogs, were heartbroken. Now Petal is here, and she fits in wonderfully. We even know how to care for her while her hip mends, as Shep had broken his not long after we adopted him, too.  (We think it was sheep dog vs vehicle. He got out one morning at our old house, and being a dyed in the wool car chaser before we adopted him, that is what he must have done. Thankfully, with time, neutering, & better fencing that activity ceased.)  He was a true gentleman, and his loss is keenly felt.

Shep on a snowy walk

So now Petal is with us, and she is a true lady. She knows we are trying to help, & never growls or snaps, even when we unknowingly jostled her sore hip, or when the vet had to position her on the xray table and it was a bit painful for her. When The Hubby found her a song with the refrain ”you are my angel” was playing on the radio. And she really is.

I hope to post photos and updates as she fattens up and recovers.


Eat those weeds!

A few days ago I sampled a new delicacy that grows like a weed  in our part of the country; in fact it is a weed. Himalayan Balsam has a pretty flower that is loved by bees.

It also has copious seedheads that are incredibly fun to pop-they EXPLODE!!  Technically you shouldn’t, as this is a

VERY invasive non-native species that can completely take over to the detriment of native plants and the myriad insects that depend on them. In fact, its one of the 10 most invasive species worldwide! Here is a local


beside the Barrow in New Ross~ flowers & festivals!

Beautiful flowers for the beautifully sunny day along the Barrow in New Ross. Who says approaching the Septembers of life need be bittersweet~ look at all the joyful colours! (my link didn’t work! but click on the garden center link  & then from there click on the post called September Beauties) My local New Ross garden centre was abundant with butterflies, hoverflies & bumblebees today, all buzzing their merry way about the place.  And in a few weeks time, all of Ross will be buzzing with festivals! One, running from 23rd -26th September is billed as New Ross’s own ’boutique festival’ ~ the New Ross Piano Festival. Before that, though, the Celtic River Festival will be taking place on the weekend of 11-12 September with lots of boating events, street events &  more great music with Kila and Altan, amongst others. (They also have a Facebook page.)  I’ve seen them both play live before, and they’re worth the trip if you’re a bit father away. We’re looking forward to a (celtic) Indian Summer!

on the river barrow begins

When the shift in the summer wind  brings the cooler breezes of autumn to Ireland, it not only begins to blow away the yellowing birch tree leaves, but its activity quickens my lazy summer-pace of mind as well. So; a new venture is begun~ by the river Barrow. It will meander through the southeast of Ireland like its namesake, sharing a love of books (the Irish ‘Town of Booksis on its banks,) local happenings, plants and gardening, arts, music & local craft and food, as well as local natural history and wildlife. Who knows what else will flow along with it~ part of the joy of a river is that it is never static!

That said, this riverwriter is brand new to WordPress, and only a month or two old in the blogosphere in general; posts may be more infrequent at first as I find my feet.  I hope we both enjoy the journey!

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